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The importance of a Skin Consultation

A professional skin consultation should be the first step you take when you’re considering starting treatments or skincare. The process allows you to gain advice on what is best for your individual needs and concerns. We often have new clients visit who have previously had treatments or bought skincare without really knowing why. 

We recommend skin consultations to every new client that visits or enquires. It’s the only way we can provide you with our expert advice and help you achieve your desired results. It’s also a great feeling hearing advice from a skin expert who is keen to help you. We follow a skin consultation process before any treatments are conducted.

Step 1, Filling out consultation form: 

A consultation form will be given to you on arrival, this form contains general and lifestyle information, medical history and current skin routine questions. This form gives us an indication of how you’re currently looking after your skin, what could be causing certain concerns and any medication we need to be aware of. 

Step 2, Observ Skin Analysis: 

We take complimentary skin analysis photographs using our Observ 520. This machine takes 6 different images, showing us the surface layers to the deeper layers of the skin. We take these images for every new and existing client, it’s a great way to see the progression of your skin. 

Step 3 The Discussion: 

This step is the most important for us, this is where we are able to connect with you and figure out why you have decided to visit us. We discuss your skin history, health, lifestyle, current skincare routine and several other factors that could be contributing. There is always a reason as to why the skin is the way it is.

Step 4 Visual Analysis: 

We proceed to take you through into one of our facial rooms, to look at and feel your skin.  This step allows us to visually see concerns such as pigmentation, rosacea, oil flow, dehydration, congestion, dryness and many more. The feel of the skin can be a huge concern to you, however small changes we recommend on the day can start improving that. We always look under the magnifying lamp to see pore size, blackheads, texture and any other concerns you may not have pointed out. 

Step 5 Recommendations: 

Skin consultations can be overwhelming with information, we always approach the skin holistically which allows us to achieve the best results, but it can be a lot to take in on your first visit. To make this process easier for you, we always write down everything we have discussed during your consult. You will be taking home a tailored skincare home prescriptive booklet; skin treatment recommendations and any lifestyle and/or diet changes we discussed. Helping you along during your skin journey is our passion. We connect with every client that visits and love bringing you towards your skin goals.

Don’t wait another day, we can help your skin now!! 

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