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What is a plasmatic?

What is a Plasmatic? A Plasmatic effect is a visual representation of the oxygenation that takes place during DMK’s signature Enzyme Facial. The ‘Veiny’ road

Coping with your Isolation skin

It’s a difficult time that we are currently going through. Wether you are trying to cope with acne, congestion, age-management, we are all missing our

The importance of a Skin Consultation

A professional skin consultation should be the first step you take when you’re considering starting treatments or skincare. The process allows you to gain advice on what is best for your individual needs and concerns. We often have new clients visit who have previously had treatments or bought skincare without really knowing why.

Enzyme Therapy Q&A

What is Enzyme Therapy? Enzyme Therapy is a facial treatment that stimulates your capillaries by dilating the channels to allow fresh oxygen & blood flow

Tips to Prevent Premature Ageing!

Taking care of your skin can seem like a lot of work. When you think about it, this should be one of our main priorities. For most of us we’d like to keep our youthful appearance for as long as possible & to do this we need to put in some effort.

Skin Needling

Dermapen uses surgical grade tiny micro needles, to stimulate an inflammatory or a wound healing response in the skin. This process promotes a repair, renewal and rejuvenation response. Natural growth factors are released to stimulate fresh restructured collagen & elastin.

Gut Health

Our stomachs do more than just break down food, in fact, we underestimate how much it contributes to our functioning bodies. You may have heard the saying “everything starts in the gut”, this statement has been proven true. We know diseases, inflammation, bloating, discomfort & gas start there, but did you know skin conditions start there too? If your digestive system doesn’t function properly, everything else will start to follow.

Winter Skin – Looking after your skin during the winter months!

It’s no secret winter weather can hit our skin hard. If you’re experiencing dryness, dehydration, flaky skin, uneven texture or unexplained redness, you’re not alone. It is extremely common during the colder months for your skin to freak out a little. Luckily, we have some advice on how to treat it.

Why we wish Roaccutane wasn’t an Acne Solution!

For those of you who have never come across this medication before, let me explain what it is & what it does. It is a Dermatologist prescribed Acne medication that is derived from synthetic Vitamin-A, as an anti-inflammatory drug that attacks your oil glands to shut them down.

Why are Essential Fatty Acids important?

Essential Fatty Acids, are fatty acids that our bodies require to ensure they’re functioning properly. They affect many aspects of our health, including our skin, hair & nails. These fatty acids are your Omega 3,6,7 & 9. Our bodies aren’t able to synthesize these fatty acids so including them in your daily routine is a must!

The secrets to maintaining that Summer glow!

Who says a beautiful bronzed glow is only for summer?

Summer is officially over, and those long, warm days will soon be coming to an end. One thing that we here at Let’s Face it want to stay is that healthy summer glow!

Here are our top tips to maintaining and building a glowing skin!

Facial Cleansing 101

Like brushing your teeth, cleansing should be part of your daily routine. You should be cleansing morning and night. We know, we know, it takes up too much time and you just want to go to bed! How on earth will you find 5 minutes in the WHOLE day to cleanse your face?!