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Facial Cleansing Brush




We believe that most of us aren’t cleaning our skin properly. Think about it, you wouldn’t clean with your teeth without a toothbrush, so why clean your face with just your fingers?

The DermaBrush, is an energy enhancing cleansing brush, which helps to intensify your daily cleanser for a deep and thorough clean.

Fine silicone rubber teeth create space between your cleanser and your skin, with the added air promoting more intense foaming for a superior clean.

The silicone teeth also aid by gently lifting off dead skin that’s it need of a gentle nudge to completely remove off the surface.

The Dermaenergy DermaBrush is compatible with any skin cleanser. Use morning and evening. Either apply your cleanser directly onto the DermaBrush or use after applying your cleanser to your face with your hands.

Cleaning the skin thoroughly is so important before the use of any active skincare products. Otherwise, penetration of active ingredients into deeper, viable layers of the skin is impeded.

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Black, White, 3 Pack