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Enzyme Therapy Q&A

What is Enzyme Therapy?

Enzyme Therapy is a facial treatment that stimulates your capillaries by dilating the channels to allow fresh oxygen & blood flow to the face. It exfoliates dead skin cells into a weak acid & flushes them from the skin. The Plasmatic effect that shows up on the skin after your treatment, is the visual representation of the capillaries flushing around the skin cells removing debris through lymphatic drainage. This process eliminates build up & toxins, leaving healthy, nutrience filled skin.

What is an Enzyme? 

Enzymes are a protein, that have the ability to build up & break down substances within our skin & body. They can rapidly speed up processes & are responsible for virtually every chemical reaction that take place within our cells. Danne Montague King known as DMK, became one of the first biochemists to recognise the power of transfer messenger enzymes to hydrate & tighten the skin. His products provide skin cells with ingredient that they recognise & will use to replace what is missing.

What is the difference between Enzyme Therapy & other skin treatments?

Most skin treatments out today work on the surface of the skin. Enzyme Therapy goes much further working on the structure & functions of our skin, which means it works topically & also stimulates functions internally. This ensures long term solutions to your skin concerns.

What does it feel like?

Enzyme Therapy is a powder & liquid solution, applied from the chest up over the face. As it sets over the 45 minute setting time, it starts to harden & tighten, stimulating your blood flow & lymphatic system. You will feel the pulsating effect of your blood flow & the feeling of tight skin. It does not hurt or feel painful in anyway. For the first time clients it does feel different to anything you would have experienced before in a facial. To remove we simply apply a hot towel to soften the solution followed by cleansing the skin.

What are the benefits?

Enzyme Therapy is full of amazing benefits for the skin. It helps improve the clarity & health of your skin by clearing waste & toxins from the body. Enzyme Therapy feeds every cell in your body the nutrients it needs to function optimally. This ensures your skin is restored with it’s vitamins, minerals & amino acids to keep a youthful & healthy complexion. We are able to customise your Enzyme Therapy treatment to your concerns. Enzyme Therapy is very versatile, it is used to treat a wide range of concerns including ageing, pigmentation, acne, congestion, rosacea & more.

Do I need to use skin care?

Absolutely, skin care at home is a must. You’re with your skin every single day. By feeding your skin what is needs to function optimally morning & night, improves your skins health dramatically. We also get you to do at home treatments 1-2 times a week when you’re on a skin journey with us. This helps speed your results up, keeping your skin fresh & clear.

Will I get the same lymphatic drainage from a microdermabrasion? 

Unfortunately no. Enzyme Therapy works on a much deeper level compared to microdermabrasion which only buffs the top layer of the skin. You definitely get lymphatic drainage from a microdermabrasion, through the stimulation & flushing movements. Although it is not as effective  when compared to an Enzyme Therapy Treatment.

Can anyone have Enzyme Therapy?

Yes, we will always do a skin & lifestyle consultation before any treatment to ensure this treatment is right for your skin.

How long is the treatment & how much does it cost? 

Enzyme Therapy is 1.5 hour treatment & costs between $139 for basic to $229 for advanced. The more advanced treatments, include a pre-exfoliation which is done before your Enzyme Therapy to target your concerns & increase the benefits of each treatment.

Will I see a difference after one treatment?

Definitely, the skin is glowing after an Enzyme Treatment. As you see the plasmatic effect on the chest & face, showing fresh nutrients being delivered to the skin. The skin is plump, hydrated & leaves you wanting more!

How often should I have an Enzyme Treatment? 

Depending on what your skin concerns are, we would advise every 2-4 weeks to obtain proper skin revision. In cases of severe acne or impaired skin, we will sometimes need to treat you on a weekly basis.