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Why we wish Roaccutane wasn’t an Acne Solution!

For those of you who have never come across this medication before, let me explain what it is & what it does. It is a Dermatologist prescribed Acne medication that is derived from synthetic Vitamin-A, as an anti-inflammatory drug that attacks your oil glands to shut them down.

You may have never come across this particular drug before but as therapists we are very familiar with it. It is something that we must be aware of for every treatment that we perform, as we can cause damage to your skin if unaware. For instance, waxing is not allowed when on Roaccutane because it causes your skin to thin, it would be easy for us to take skin off during a treatment. The common skin side effects for Roaccutane are dermatitis, very dry skin, blood noses, dry lips, fragile skin, red rashes, scaly skin, sun sensitive, thin skin & more. The even scarier common side effects are the ones that happen internally such as depression, anxiety, slow healing, cysts & more.

This acne drug is extremely aggressive as it is drying out your oil production to reduce pimples forming. Keep in mind it is drying out your entire body not just the skin on your face. When taking it you should have regular doctor’s appointments as well as blood tests to ensure the chemicals aren’t harming your internal organs. Most people who are on Roaccutane do not know that it is in fact an anti-cancer chemotherapy drug, in other words, poison to the body. We have found through experience, that client’s who do go on the drug, seem to have other issues arise. For instance, skin takes longer to heal, bruising easily, early signs of ageing, permeant thinned skin, burning easily when in the sun, PCO (polycystic ovaries) & stomach issues. Another problem with going on Roaccutane to treat your skin is that it’s a requirement that you take the contraceptive pill, even if you aren’t sexually active yet to avoid the possibility of you falling pregnant. As Roaccutane can cause serious birth defects & harm to a growing foetus.

Saying all of this, Roaccutane is effective at clearing up your pimples…but at what cost? It’s like a band-aid effect, it will clear it up, but it is not going to treat the core source of the problem. You’re guaranteed to be on more than one course of the drug & you will have other issues arise after you finish the course. Your skin will be left dry, thin, oil glands out of sorts & red vascular or pitted scarring.

As skin therapists we find it extremely frustrating to understand why Dermatologists recommended something that is so harmful & aggressive. Treating acne is hard & it does take time, it’s like going to the gym. You are not going to get results by going once a week & eating unhealthy food. You need to dedicate time and invest your money if you want to see results. Changing diet, reducing stress levels, looking after gut health, increasing exercise, using home care recommended & having in salon treatments is the combination you need, to properly change & resolve any skin condition. We believe in holistic long-term solutions over quick fixes. As we have seen time & time again the skin issue keeps returning if the client is using a quick fix. We understand Acne is an awful thing to go through, so we would never judge someone for taking the Roaccutane route. We do strongly advise you to explore your options, visit a skin clinic & choose long-term skin health over temporary relief.

Figuring out why your acne has come up is how we start to treat it. There is not one answer for everyone; we eliminate as many possibilities as we can through recommending change. It could be as simple as changing some diet choices, for your skin to start to heal. Skin needs to be treated carefully & properly for it to heal. Treating it aggressively through Roaccutane or another medication, isn’t allowing it to heal properly. Our skin produces oil for a reason, it keeps our skin protected, hydrated & youthful. Shutting that skin function down will lead to other dysfunctions arising. The skin needs a combination of tools to stay healthy, the same way it needs a combination of tools when being treated. Research all your options before jumping into any kind of acne medication. Treating skin is something we love to do here at Let’s Face It, we are always here to help guide you through these decisions & happy to help with any skin issues you may have.