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Why are Essential Fatty Acids important?

Essential Fatty Acids, are fatty acids that our bodies require to ensure they’re functioning properly. They affect many aspects of our health, including our skin, hair & nails. These fatty acids are your Omega 3,6,7 & 9. Our bodies aren’t able to synthesize these fatty acids so including them in your daily routine is a must!

We often hear about Omega Fatty Acids, but not many people look into why they’re so important when it comes to our health. Studies have shown EFA’s promote heart health, relieve bloating, support gut health, can help to fight depression and relieve inflammation from the body. They’re not only a part of keeping your body healthy, they also play a major role in keeping your skin healthy.

A skin that is lacking in EFA’s could have or lead to these symptoms:

  • Dryness
  • Uneven skin
  • Redness
  • Bumpy skin
  • Rough skin
  • Blackheads
  • Congestion/Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Scaly skin
  • Thin skin
  • Thickened skin

You may be thinking because you eat fish a few times a week that you’re covered for your essential fatty acid intake -this is in fact false. We do not get enough EFA consumption through our diets nor is it the best source for us anymore. This is because the Omega’s from fish come from the Algae they’re eating.

A better option would be to take EFA tablets every day containing plant based or botanical omegas. A good quality EFA tablet will ensure the proper delivery of the omegas throughout your body. After 7-14 days you will see the benefits they have on both your body & skin. You can also start to include them into your diet every day, through food sources such as: flaxseeds, chia seeds, evening primrose oil, soy beans, sea-buckthorn oil, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, hempseeds, walnuts, sunflower oil, avocados & more.

If you’re someone who is suffering from skin issues, EFA’s are an absolute must to improve your skin. If you’re supporting your gut health with EFA’s, your concerns will start to clear a lot quicker. Omega’s are the building blocks of healthy cell membranes. If your cells aren’t producing properly, issues will keep returning & may never clear. EFA’s keep important things like water & nutrients in your cells to keep your skin hydrated & plump, whilst also excrete fats & cell waste. Supporting your skin internally is vital for skin health.

One of the reasons we brought DMK into the salon, was because they provided products & treatments that support the external skin but also the internal functions. DMK provide EFA tablets that are made from botanical sources containing minerals, vitamins, amino acids & omega’s 3,6,7 & 9. Omega 7 Sea-buckthorn oil, isn’t often found in supplements because it is expensive to source. DMK EFA’s are made from the highest quality ingredients & sourced from the purest forms found. The health benefits go beyond a normal EFA supplement.

For example, some of the ingredients are:

  • Sea-buckthorn Oil: It is rich in minerals, a rare source of omega 7, also soothing & nourishing to the skin.
  • Coconut oil: Protects against infection, wound healing & skin rejuvenation.
  • Evening Primrose Oil: Increases water levels in the skin whilst preventing water loss & improves structural integrity of the skin while improving its barrier function.

We always recommend EFA’s to all of our clients on skin journey’s because we truly believe gut health makes such a big difference. They’re a vital part of improving skin concerns & prevent the issues from reappearing. Working on a skin journey takes time & dedication from both, the skin specialist & the client. We put our most knowledgeable information forward, because we believe in helping clients achieve the skin they have always dreamed of having!