At Let’s Face It Beauty Studio, we offer a wide variety of skin and beauty treatments. We are passionate about achieving outstanding results for every client. We work closely with you during your skin journeys, supporting and encouraging you along the way to achieve your desired results. We customised our treatments to suit your individual concerns, approaching the skin holistically. If you’d like some help on choosing a facial treatment, we highly recommend booking a skin consultation with one of our expert skin specialists.

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Skin Treatments

For first time clients having a skin treatment with us, we always perform a skin consultation before any of our facial treatments. This allows us to gain an understanding of what your concerns are & why you have come to us for a skin treatment.  We offer a wide range of facials focused on complete Skin Revision.

30-45mins $50

Skin consultations without a treatment are redeemable on products and/or treatments on the day.

60min $99

Clearing blackheads, milia & textured skin

30min $85

Red & Blue light available. Sending soothing light deep into the skin layers to target skin concerns, reducing inflammatory conditions & targeting collagen/elastin.

Deep Cleanse: $45
LED $55
Microdermabrasion $45
DMK Pre Exfoliation $45
60mins $119

Traditional facial for all skins, relaxing & rejuvenating for the skin. 

60min $299

Dermapen Skin Needling is the only treatment that directly stimulates your own bodies collagen and elastin production! Suitable for those suffering from a skin condition or after a more youthful appearance. Consultations are needed before any Dermapen Skin Needling Treatment.

45min $125

For those with thickened, textured skin. Removes dead skin build up, leaving the skin smooth.

DMK Facial Treatments

Enzyme Therapy works on the structures & functions of your skin. It is a system that revises skin back to a healthy state restoring the skins structural integrity while stimulating collagen production. During your Enzyme Treatment, not only are the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin dissolved with your pre-exfoliation, internal skin cells are flushed free of toxins and impurities enabling the skin to function optimally. This treatment is suitable for a variety of skin concerns including acne, sensitised skin, flne-lines/wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage, rosacea and many more.

60min $159

This treatment is suitable for those on medication such as Roaccutane or those with fragile skin.

90min $179

This signature treatment includes a pre-exfoliation tailored to your skin concerns.

90min $220

This signature treatment is used on skins for rebuilding & strengthening. Double pre-exfoliation can be done beforehand & is tailored to your skin.

30-120min from $80-$220

Alkaline wash is a powerful, resurfacing treatment that rebuilds the structure of the skin to create a smooth texture. It acts to swell, soften & dissolve skin & hair. It treats a range of conditions including acne, unwanted hair, pigmentation, wrinkles, scars.

45min $145

Removing dead skin cells along with nourishing & strengthening the skin. Customised to your skin concerns on the basis of what we discuss in your consultation.

60min from $129

This treatment addresses your skin concerns whilst allowing you to completely relax. Using DMK products to infuse the ingredients into the skin.

1 hour 45min from $528

This facial includes LED light therapy, Dermapen (skin needling) & DMK Enzyme Therapy.

90min $220

The DMK Muscle Banding program designed for age management. It aims to lift & firm the skin, training the facial muscles for those with aged or weakened skins.

90min $280

The treatment provides breathtaking results. It is an instant tightening treatment perfect for special occasions. It includes a pre-exfoliation application of Enzyme 1 & Muscle Banding.

15min $45


Intense pulsed light therapy works by emitting light at wavelengths, which are absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicle. When the pigment in the hair follicle absorbs the light, energy is converted into heat, resulting in thermal damage to the hair follicle. This thermal damage causes delayed growth of the hair, resulting in permanent hair reduction.

Underarm $49
Bikini/Brazillian $79
Underarm/Brazillian $119
Full Leg/BIkini or Full Leg/Underarm $199
Lower 1/2 Leg $119
1/2 Leg/Underarm or 1/2 Leg/Bikini $129
Top 1/2 Leg $129
Top 1/2 Leg/Bikini $139
Full Arm $119
Half Arm $89
Chest/Stomach or Back/Neck $199
Sides $49
Full Face $119
Chin $49
Upper Lip $39
facial room


Electrolysis is the permeant hair removal process of inserting a fine probe into each individual hair follicle, an electrical current is delivered through the probe into the hair follicle, over time resulting in the damage to the hair growth. Works on fair to dark hair.  A consultation will be conducted before treating new clients.

5min $20
10min $30
15min $35
20min $45

Female Waxing

Hard wax is used on face, bikini & underarms. Strip wax on all other areas.

Full Leg Bikini/Underarm $70
Full Leg/Bikini $60
Full Leg/Underarm $58
Full Leg/Brazillian $75
Full Leg $47
3/4 Leg/BIkini $48
3/4 Leg $35
Bottom Half Leg $29
Bottom Half Leg/Bikini $42
Bottom Half Leg/Underarm $40
Bottom Half Leg/Bikini/Underarm $55
Bottom Half Leg/Brazillian $65
Top Half Leg $38
Top Half Leg/Bikini $50
Top Half Leg/Brazillian $65
Top Half Leg/Underarm $45
Bikini $22
G-String $30
Brazilian $45
Underarm $18
Bikini/Underarm $30
Lip $10
Eyebrow $18
Chin $13
Eyebrow/Lip $28
Eyebrow/Lip/Chin $33
Full Facial Wax $35
Full Facial Wax with Eyebrows $48
Full Arm $34

3/4 Arm $30
Half Arm $25

Male Waxing

Back/Shoulders $50
Chest $50
Full Arm $40
Full Leg $60
Neck $15


Define your natural eyebrow by enhancing the shape with tint. We can do as dark or light as you like, lasts between 2-6 days depending on your hairs.
Lash Tinting colours your natural lashes. We offer brown, black or blue/black lasts up to 4 weeks.

Eyelash Tint $25
Eyebrow Tint $12
Lash & Brow Tint $35

Lash Lift

The Lash Lift treatment offers you a way to transform your own eyelashes by giving the illusion of long, luscious, curled lashes. Your lashes will be lifted from the root to give you the look of mascara! Lasts up to 8 weeks.

Lash Lift • 30mins $79
Lash Lift & Tint • 45mins $89


At Let’s Face it we use the natural spray tan solution ‘Naked Tan’. Naked Tan is an organic product that will give you a natural glow to the skin, ready to be rinsed off in only 2 hours!

Full Body Tan $45
Partial Body Tan from $20

Manicures & Pedicures

Standard Nail Polish is offered only.


Nails cut & file, Cuticles neatened, shaped and polished.


Nails cut & file, Cuticles neatened, shaped and polished. Included is a Paraffin Therapy Treatment & massage of your hands.


Feet Soaked, Nails cut & file, Cuticles neatened, shaped and polished.


Nails cut & file, Cuticles neatened, shaped & polished. Included is a Paraffin Therapy Treatment & massage of your feet.

pedi area 2

$10 extra for French polish & an extra 10 minutes