What is a plasmatic?

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What is a Plasmatic?

A Plasmatic effect is a visual representation of the oxygenation that takes place during DMK’s signature Enzyme Facial.

The ‘Veiny’ road map is created by the downward pressure caused by the tightening of the Enzyme Masque. It stimulates the circulatory system to pump fresh

oxygen and nutrient-rich blood through the capillaries causing them to dilate. This fresh, oxygenated blood brings with it nutrients to feed our skin cells while eliminating toxins, stagnant blood and other dead cell derbies through the Lymphatic system, making this treatment very detoxifying.

Just like oxygen is essential for us to live, our blood and cells also require oxygen. It creates the energy our cells need to survive and stimulates the production and regeneration of collagen and elastin, giving our skin structural integrity.

We treat a full range of skin concerns. Our aim is to rebuild and revise your skin from the inside, out and enzyme therapy facials have many other benefits.

The professional masque contains enzymes which our body recognises to strengthen the structures of our skin cells. These enzymes help to create an optimum environment for our cells to thrive and helps to re-educate skin back to its youthful state.

The enzyme masque is left on the skin for 45 minutes. In this time, it will continue to dry and harden, holding the facial muscles in a static position, working to give your skin firmness and tone.

With the use of DMK’s professional pre-exfoliates, we also treat the skin topically.

This means that acne, scarring, pigmentation and redness can all be corrected. Every clients skin care journey is fully personalised, with no two treatments ever being exactly the same.

Our highly trained skin specialists will be with you every step of the way, providing their wisdom, support and skin tips.

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